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Building social boundaries through print

Building social connections through print. 


What We Do.

Print Clan is the only open access textile printing studio in Glasgow offering printing table hire so that you can print your own projects.

We also provide an outreach service to various groups in the community across the city.


Empowerment & enablement.

Print Clan Print Table Hire Textile Printing

Services We Offer

We offer all day print table hire at our studio in Shawlands if you would like to print your own fabric for fashion, interiors or accessories.

Print Clan Glasgow Textile Printing Event

Workshops & Events

We run screen printing workshops and one day events featuring taster sessions in different locations across Glasgow. 

Print Clan Live Screen Printing at Glasgow Film Festival
Print Clan Textile Printing Outreach Activity

Outreach Programme

Our Outreach Programme started back in August this year. Click here for a peek at some of activities we’ve been running across Glasgow.

Live Screen Printing

Are you running an event? Would your visitors like to have the opportunity to print their own merchandise as part of it? Then why not book us to come along to run a live screen printing activity…? Click here to check out some examples of events we have been involved in.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a printing technique which uses a mesh to transfer ink to a flat surface (either paper or textile), except in areas made resistant to the ink by a stencil. A squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the mesh with ink and make contact with the surface below to make a print. Sounds complicated right? It’s not, and that’s what we aim to show everyone!


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