Screen Preparation Service

Screen Preparation Service

from 6.00


We will print your completed artwork onto tracing paper, then coat and expose the screen with your artwork. Please send us your artwork as a PDF file at least one day prior to your booking.

A4 screen - £ 15.00

A3 screen - £ 17.50

A2 screen - £ 25.00

Daily Hire Blank Screen - £6.00

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Please follow these guidelines when preparing your artwork: 

Save artwork in CMYK, PDF format only as 100% black.**

If there are multiple colours please send the layers as separate files. 

Send your artwork via WeTransfer or Dropbox to

**In Photoshop the colour picker black is made up of 4 colours: C: 75% M: 68% Y: 67% K: 100%, meaning that when it is 

printed, each of the 4 process colours is combined to make up the black.

Ignoring pantone colours, when we want 100% black in a document (for example in Illustrator) we set the 

following colours: C: 0% Y: 0% M: 0% K: 100%. It isn’t as ‘black’ as Photoshop black, but it is by definition 100% black.