Mandatory Studio Induction

Mandatory Studio Induction



Please contact us at the mail address below to book a date for your induction. The session lasts for approximately three hours; the price is per person although we can accommodate up to three people in a session.

Once we have agreed a day and time for your induction, please pay for it here, prior to attending the session.

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During this session you will be shown how to

- coat a screen

- use our exposure unit 

- use our wash out unit for degreasing, removing stencils and blasting your screens

Everyone using the studio must attend this induction prior to booking a print table for daily hire. We will also ask you to read and sign our Membership Pack. If you would like to download and review this before coming to the studio, you can get your copy here.

The session includes the opportunity to prepare a screen using your artwork and create a sample print. Please feel free to bring along the artwork you would like to use on the day on a memory stick or you can send it to us via email in advance. You can also bring along sample fabric if applicable.

Once you have attended your induction, we will ensure that you are trained to use any new equipment that we acquire over a one year period from the induction date. We retain the right to charge you a revised membership fee as the studio grows and offer more services.