Printing…Using a Screen?

Print Clan Textile Printing Glasgow

The screen-printing technique involves a mesh-covered frame, or screen, and a stencil design. 

The mesh was originally made from silk but now synthetic mesh is commonly used to print onto fabric or paper depending on the density. Here at Print Clan we specialise in textile printing. 

A variety of results can be achieved using a silk screen since there are several different processes to transfer original artwork to fabric. We can show you how to print your design using a paper stencil, by painting directly onto the screen or by using our more advanced studio equipment to transfer your artwork using a light-sensitive process to a screen, enabling you to print your design endlessly. 

We stock opaque, metallic and pearlescent binders, so that you can achieve special effects during your printing process. It’s also possible to use foil and transfer dyes to create unique textiles with your original artwork.

At Print Clan, we can help you to achieve great results, have fun and learn new skills by teaching you the traditional art of screen-printing. We will be running beginner, intermediate and advanced courses beginning in 2019 as well as one-off workshops and events regularly in different locations across Glasgow.