Screen Print and Sew... Your own Sweatshirt!

Sunday CREATIVE Funday!

Yesterday we collaborated with Rachel Mcmillan to host a one day workshop to show participants how to make their own custom printed sweatshirt made from !00% organic cotton jersey. It was the perfect way to try something creative and expand their sewing and print knowledge - what better way to spend a Sunday?

We guided them through the full design process, the basics of screen printing and introduced them to sewing on an industrial lockstitch and overlocker machine in Fashions Foundry’s well equipped sewing room.

During part one of the workshop participants were given time to experiment with design ideas and learn how to use pre-prepared screens to print a range of geometric shapes onto fabric as well as using paper stencils to create their own designs.

In the second part, the group hopped onto the industrial machines to learn step by step how to sew up their sweatshirt, and stitched some very neat seams using the solid overlocker machines! They were then ready to leave after an intense day of screen printing and sewing boasting they cool, comfy, organic cotton sweatshirts which were all a perfect fit…

One of the participants commented: '“It was an excellent class - really happy with the results - I had a great time!”