No Two Prints Or People Are The Same

Live Printing In Easterhouse With Walker & BromWich

At the end of April, the Faith Through Art Club at St Paul’s Parish Church welcomed the new Glasgow City Council Artists in Residence for the North-East ward, Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich. They were joined by our very own Arianna Mele to run two screen printing workshops.

The Faith Through Art Club teamed up with St Paul’s Youth Forum’s community meal to allow the people of Blackhill and the surrounding areas a chance to discover their creative talents and make some unique screen printed merchandise. Each person who attended had the chance to make a t-shirt or a tote bag using the screen that Arianna had prepared. The artwork is inspired by parts of the ‘Easterhouse Mosaic’, a huge piece of contemporary community art based in the north east of Glasgow which came into disrepair in the early 00’s.

Each participant who printed a t-shirt or tote bag may have used the same artwork, but no two t-shirts or tote bags were the same! Each individual applied a different amount of pressure, resulting in a slightly different effect. Each person positioned their print differently, often using different colours. Although there was a common theme and similarities in the designs, each was unique and individual, each was unique and beautiful just like it’s creator!